After Sales Services

After Sales Services

Imtilak Global provides after-sales services to its customers, which involve assisting them in property investment or operation

Imtilak Global Real Estate's service ethos goes beyond merely assisting customers looking to acquire and purchase real estate in the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, Imtilak Global Real Estate maintains its connection with esteemed clients even after they have become property owners in the UAE. The company relies on its team of experts in property operations and investment, granting the company official authorization to oversee the property's investment matters on behalf of the client.

Consequently, an arrangement is established with the client regarding the approach and process of accruing investment gains. This occurs as the company undertakes the professional management of investors' real estate and property assets. In parallel, comprehensive information about maintenance and investment operations, along with all aspects of the property's operational and investment mechanisms, is offered to the property owner.

These provisions fall within the realm of after-sales services extended by Imtilak Global Real Estate to individuals who have procured real estate in the UAE through the company's property resale service. In essence, if a customer acquires and possesses property in the country via Imtilak Global and subsequently desires to divest their property, the company assumes responsibility for facilitating the sale. Frequently, the company attains a favourable profit margin during this resale process, which directly benefits the property owner.

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